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The RIA's Compliance Solution Book - The pressure to understand changing compliance regulations and to meet the requirements they impose has never been more intense. A range of scandals and abuses has caused the Securities and Exchange Commission to tighen regulation and step up enforcement. Unfortunately, definitive compliance information - the kind that can save advisers precious time and spare them serious trouble - has not been easy to find. Until now. This book gathers the information needed most and puts it all in one place. Here advisers will find plain-English translations of the rules that regulate such issues as: * advisory contracts and fees * advertising and client communications * RIA compliance programs and codes of ethics * custody of customer accounts * completing, filing, and amending Form ADV * selecting brokers and executing trades

Investment Advisor Regulation: A Step-by-Step Guid to Compliance and the Law - guide to the laws and regulations governing investment advisers. Investment Adviser Regulation explains the regulation of investment advisers, offering guidance on the federal and state laws governing adviser conduct with particular attention to the Investment Advisers Act, the Investment Company Act, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). In addition the book provides analysis of complex status questions that determine crucial registration, disclosure and liability issues; a detailed explanation of Form ADV; potential conflicts of interest; relevant SEC releases and no-action letters; and much more.

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Registration and Regulation of Investment Advisers - an overview of the requirements and procedures for registration of investment advisers and hedge fund managers.

Stautes and Regulations:

Investment Adviser's Act of 1940

Rules promulgated under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940

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