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Securities Law in a Nutshell is an excellent introduction to the United States securities law.

Broker-Dealer Regulation in a Nutshell  is a similar introduction, and while the laws regulating broker-dealers are complex, this book provides an overview of the concepts and regulations.

Investment Adviser Regulation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Compliance and The Law  is an excellent starting point for understanding the regulation of investment advisers.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Daniel R. Gregus Named Director of Chicago Office
    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Daniel R. Gregus has been named Director of the Chicago Regional Office, where he has served as acting co-director since June. Mr. Gregus is a 28-year veteran of the SEC and has held leadership…For More information on the United States Securities Law visit Securities Law ...
  • SEC Adopts New Rules for Universal Proxy Cards in Contested Director Elections
    The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to adopt final rules requiring parties in a contested election to use universal proxy cards that include all director nominees presented for election at a shareholder meeting. The rule changes will give…For More information on the United States Securities Law visit Securities Law Blog – – ...
  • SEC Charges Promoter with Conducting Cryptocurrency Investment Scams
    The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it charged Ryan Ginster of Corona, California with conducting two unregistered and fraudulent securities offerings that raised over $3.6 million in cryptocurrency from retail investors. The SEC… * This article was originally published here____ For More information on the United States Securities Law visit Securities Law ...
  • SEC Proposes Rule Amendments to Proxy Rules Governing Proxy Voting Advice
    The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to propose amendments to its rules governing proxy voting advice.  The proposed amendments aim to address concerns expressed by investors and others that the current rules may impede and impair the… * This article was originally published at The Securities Law BFor More information on the United States Securities ...
  • What Does a Securities Lawyer Do?
    Types of Securities Lawyers While securities law is itself a specialized field of law, there is also more than one type of securities lawyer. There are transactional securities lawyers, who help companies raise capital, obtain and maintain listings on a stock exchanges, assist in mergers and acquisitions and perform the varied reporting requirements for public companies. There ...

Introductory Materials

Introduction to the Federal Securities Laws – written by securities lawyer Mark Astarita, an overview of the federal regulatory scheme for the financial markets. Written for the non-lawyer, with links to more detailed information

Introduction to the Blue Sky Laws (State Securities Laws) – In addition to the Federal Securities Laws, each state has its own securities laws. Those laws vary from state to state, and require registration or notification of securities offerings, and registration of brokers and brokerage firms. Each state has a regulatory agency which administers the law, typically known as the state Securities Commissioner. This introduction provides an overview of the regulatory scheme. A list of state securities commissioners and their addresses is available in our Guide to State Securities Regulators.

Introduction to Securities Arbitration – In general, and in the securities industry, a party cannot be compelled to arbitrate a dispute unless he has contractually bound himself to do so. Registered representatives and their firms are contractually bound to arbitrate their disputes with their customers, even in the absence of a written contract with the customer. The contractual obligation arises, not from a customer agreement, but their registration with FINRA. For customers and financial professionals, an introduction to the process, from start to finish.

Introduction to the Initial Public Offering Process – in the Corporate Finance section, an introduction to the public offering process

Introduction to Private Placements – in addition to public offerings, many companies raise money by selling securities in a private offering. There are many restrictions and caveats to the process.

Introduction to Insider Trading – there is legal insider trading and illegal insider trading. When investors, regardless of their relationship to the company, trade on material, non-public information, there is a risk that the trading is illegal.

Registration of Investment Advisors – one of our featured articles, an introduction to becoming an investment adviser and what you need to know to start an advisory firm

Guide to Broker-Dealer Registration an updated version of the SEC’s original guide is now online.