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Sponsor: Sallah Astarita & Cox, LLC – Nationwide representation of hedge funds, hedge fund managers and investors. Featured Articles: Registration and Regulation of Investment Advisers – an overview of the requirements and procedures for registration of investment advisers and hedge fund managers. Featured Books: Fund Formation Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Analyzing Fund Structures, […]

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Corporate Finance Center

Corporate Finance, the raising of capital, is a significant part of the United States Securities Laws.” class=”glossaryLink” data-cmtooltip=”

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is the federal agency charged with the regulation and oversight of the securities markets, public companies and securities professionals.(…)

” >SEC IPO Information Center Introductory Materials: Introduction to Federal Securities Laws Introduction to Blue Sky Laws (State Securities Laws) Introduction to Securities Arbitration Initial Public Offering Process Introduction to Private Placements Introduction to […]