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Selling Away Claims Denied in Arbitration

Firm Still Must Pay $32,000 In Forum and Related Fees ROBINSON v. FIRST ALLIED SECURITIES, INC., NASD ID #99-04441 (Pittsburgh, 9/25/01): This “selling away” case involved thirteen separately filed arbitrations that were consolidated for pre-hearing and hearing purposes. By the time of the hearing, the broker had declared bankruptcy, leaving […]

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Qualified Immunity for NASD

Federal Court Finds Immunity for NASD Staff and State Investigators Tretiak v. Del Papa, No. 00-17248, 2001 U.S. App. LEXIS 24738 (9th Cir., 11/13/01). Enforcement Practice/Procedure – Privileges & Immunities (Absolute Immunity; Qualified Immunity) – Representation Issues – Timeliness Issues (Statutes of Limitations). Regulators have qualified immunity against claims based […]

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Analyst Disclosure Issue Would Snag Brokers

New NASD Proposal will require more disclosures by retail brokers. The war on analysts is now threatening brokers. In proposing heightened disclosures from analysts, the NASDR has included retail brokers as well. The July proposal, NASD Notice to Members 01-45, broadens disclosure obligations for public appearances by analysts and brokers […]

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SEC Judgment Against Momentum Stock Site

SEC Judgment Against Momentum” data-gt-translate-attributes='[{“attribute”:”data-cmtooltip”, “format”:”html”}]’>Stock Picking Site By Mark J. Astarita, Esq.   The SEC announced that on May 25, 2001, the U.S. District Court in Eugene, Oregon entered judgments against Jared R. Leisek and his brother, Byron J. Leisek. According to the SEC, its complaint, filed on March 1, 2001, […]

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Proposed MSRB Interpretations

Proposed MSRB Interpretations Interpretation of Dealer’s Affirmative Disclosure Obligations Released By John M. Baker, Esq. Feb. 12, 2002 – The Securities and Exchange Commission this week published comment notices for two Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board notices on the responsibilities of dealers to municipal securities customers. The notice published today proposes […]