NASD Relocation?

Filings Up, Staffing Increases Proposed, NASD-DR to Relocate? According to representatives of the two forums, new filings are up and are staying up. At the New York Stock Exchange, they surged 41% during 2001 and were especially high in the final quarter of the year. That increased level of activity […]


Dispute Resolution Continued Criticism

NASD-DR Continues to react to criticism of its expertise ranking system NASD-DR continues to react to criticism of its expertise rankings for arbitrators by directing its arbitrators to explain the basis for any claims to expertise. The Neutral List Selection System was designed to operate on a rotational basis, so […]

Arbitration News

Appeal Does Not Extent Time to Pay Arbitration Award

  A non-summary suspension proceeding for non-payment of an Award recently concluded with the suspension of a broker–dealer who is currently challenging the Award before the Ninth Circuit. Baraban Securities, nka Interfirst Capital Corporation, was held liable by a Portland-based Arbitration Panel for $53,400 in compensatory damages in February 2000 […]


SICA Arbitration Filing Statistics for 1999

    ]]> Home | Message Board Home Search Arbitration Investors Brokers Finance Law Compliance Archives SICA Arbitration Filing Statistics for 1999 SICA FILING STATS: We have previously reported that the NASD received 5,608 new filings in its arbitration program in 1999. SICA compiles statistics on arbitration filings, case closings, […]

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Solomon Smith Barney Reps Lose CAP Request

Archives Whose Money Is It Anyway? Solly Smith Barney Reps Lose CAP Request  By Rick Weinberg Several former Salomon Smith Barney brokers seeking the authorization to start a national class action suit against the firm’s Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) had their request rejected by a federal judge in Boston, according […]