Enforcement News

Wells Fargo Gets Fined…Again

What happened to Wells Fargo? Fine after fine. Our colleagues from Wachovia who are still there must be shaking their heads. This fine is for the same violation that Wells Fargo was fined for in 2016. FINRA Fines Wells Fargo $2.25M Over Handling of Client Data


RIA Ongoing Duties to Its Customers

Great post by Alan Wolper on the duties of an RIA to monitor its customer’s accounts, even when there is no trading, and no activity in those accounts. Not true for the traditional broker, and an important distinction for investment advisors to remember. SEC Settlement Proves That It’s Easy Enough […]


Self Directed IRA for Prescious Metals?

From time to time we get questions about self-directed IRAs and what products they can invest in. Mat Sorensen, an attorney, author, and self-directed IRA guru recently answered part of the question.  Can a self-directed IRA hold precious metals, stored at the owner’s home?   A recent Tax Court case, […]