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The Complete Going Public Handbook - Finance attorney Frederick Lipman untangles the complexities of the going public process to describe with insight and detail every step necessary for making a company publicly traded. Inside you will find the pros and cons of going public, the ins and outs of an IPO, advice for developing a five-year advance plan, tips for attracting investment bankers, and much more.

The Ernst & Young Guide to the IPO Value Journey - A revised and updated edition of The Ernst & Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public, this practical book addresses a topic that will have significant impact on company operations in the years to come. It's packed with essential information on the process of taking your company public.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - Text for a first courses in business or corporate finance assumes only passing familiarity with basic accounting and knowledge of basic algebra, and provides a unified treatment of financial management that emphasizes the basic logic of financial decision making and the role of the financial manager as decision maker. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or

The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide - A favorite of SECLaw.com visitors, according to the publisher this book is "designed to assist the reader in creating a financial, organizational and operational blueprint for success. Developed for anyone starting a new business or expanding one already in existence, it contains step-by-step instructions for devising a solid business plan." The book includes a sample business plan, but also explanations as to why certiain information should be included, and suggestions as to how to present the information.

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Introduction to the Federal Securities Laws - It all starts here. A primer on the federal securities laws.

The ABCs of IPOs
This is a special four-part series that aims to debunk the myths around IPOs by examining how they work.

IPO FAQ from Hoovers
Hoover's most frequently asked IPO questions

Internet Offerings - is Spring Street the Start of Something Big? - IPOs on the Internet. Not much has changed since Spring Street did it back in the early days.

Introduction to SCOR Offerings - When the SEC enacted the Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR), it was designed to help small corporations raise capital. In essence, it is a procedure designed by the SEC to enable smaller companies to raise capital, by making the process easier and cheaper, by using a shortened prospectus for registering offerings of up to $1 million.

Q&A: Small Business and the SEC - How to take your small business public.

IPO Overview - What is an initial public offering, what are the basic steps - a great primer from Fidelity Investments.

NASDAQ Listing Requirements - For those interested in having their securities listed on NASDAQ, here are the listing requirements.

Online Public Offerings - Is The Paper Model Appropriate? " While established public companies are beginning to allow investors to purchase stock online through direct stock purchase plans, offerings by small and nonpublic companies have been limited in scope because of regulatory restraints." From LJX

Corporate Web Sites and Securities Offerings - Corporate Web sites can raise important issues under the federal securities laws. Issuers and others easily can run afoul of the securities laws with even the best of intentions. These risks increase during a registered securities offering. Worse yet, securities regulators have not released global guidelines.





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