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Kentucky Seizes Domain Names
Here is an idea that has not been well thought out. Kentucky, which prohibits online gambling, got a judge to issue a forfeiture order to internet registrars, seizing the domain names of gambling sites!

One Thing BigLaw Gets Right
Here is something that BigLaw does better than most; pro bono. The National Law Journal's varied pieces on "Pro Bono Awards" points to the pro bono work of BigLaw, and they certainly do a good job in that area.

Corporate Blogs

Uner the Counter
It's all about the people, of Wall Street. Who's getting paid, laid, hired and fired on The Street.

Federal Courts

United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Full text of all decisions, since 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit
Full text of all decisions, since 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
The Second Circuit joins the courts online. Decisions courtesy of Pace University. Database begins at September, 1995

Database of Federal Court BBSes
While not yet on the Internet, the Federal Courts are online, with their own bbs systems. Information on rates and connecting available on the 'Net.

United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit
Full text of all decisions, from May, 1994

United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
Full text of all decisions, since 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
The first Federal Appellate Court with its decisions on the Web. Full text of all decisions, since 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
From Law Journal Extra, full text of decisions, but not searchable.

United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Full text of all decisions, since 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Full text of all decisions since March, 1995, searchable, by parties or keywords. From Emory.

Federal Arbitration Decisions
Full text of opinions from the federal courts relating to arbitration.

United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Full text of all decisions since 1992.

General Information

Case Western University
Another terrific source of legal documents and text, and the source of many of the Supreme Court links at this site.

Profiles of New York County Supreme Court Judges
From the New York Law Journal, complete background information on sitting judges, including past employment; professional affiliations, likes and dislikes and significant decisions. A must read for the New York litigator

NYSE Disciplinary Actions
A searchable database of all NYSE disciplinary proceedings since 1996

FINRA District Offices
Complete addresses and telephone numbers of the NASDR District Offices, direct from the NASDR.

Government Resources

United States White House
Information about the House itself, including a great virtual tour. The tour is very graphic oriented, and is therefore a bit slow, but school children, and quite a few adults, are having a great time "seeing" the inside of the White House.

The United States Postal Service
The Post Office on the Internet? Here they are.

The Internal Revenue Service
The IRS is on the Web, and actually has some useful information available. You can also go directly to their form library

This site is another excellent government resource, as it will allow you to search, by word or phrase, for bills which are pending in either house of Congress, and searches can be limited to only bills that have passed, or for which floor action has occurred. Try running a search on your favorite topic, and you might be amazed at how many bills are being proposed about it.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Forms, applications, and information regarding patents and trademarks, straight from the PTO.

The Federal Web Locator
This site seems to change daily as more Federal agencies join the Web. It is an excellent starting place to find information about various agencies, although the amount of information at the site of a particular agency is hit or miss.

U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
The House of Representatives Home Page is an excellent starting point to research all of the Web for information relating to the government, including laws, statutes, pending bills, and more.

The SEC's EDGAR Database
Now back under the control of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the EDGAR database is the electronic filing system for disclosure documents of public companies. This link will take you to the main page of the database. Be sure to read the introductory material before delving into the system.

The Securities and Exchange Commission
The SEC is online, with quite a bit of material, including full text copies of the SEC Digest, text of speeches, position papers and other documents.

Securities Bills in Congress
What is Congress up to these days. Search for bills and legislation affecting the securities industry.

Information and Lists

Securities Arbitration Forums
Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the administrators of the various securities and commodities arbitration forums across the country, with links to the home pages of the forums that are on the Web.

Filing a Customer Complaint
The NASD's guide to filing a customer complaint. The NASD recommends that you first communicate your concerns to your broker, then to the manager of your broker's office, and ultimately to the NASDR if you do not receive a satisfactory response from the firm.

Securities Arbitration Procedures
Introductory material on the arbitration process, written by the Securities Industry Association.

Arbitration Procedure
Important information on resolving disputes against stockbrokers.

Introduction to NASD Mediation
The NASD's introduction to its mediation program, an alternate means of resolving disputes with securities brokers.

Legal Blogs

Antitrust Law Blog
From Professor Shubha Ghosh, University at Buffalo Law Schoo.

Ernie the Attorney
"Searching for Truth and Justice in an Unjust World." General comments on law and law related topics.

Legal Research Sites

State Laws On The Internet

News Items

Pro Or Hourly Wage Earner? UBS Pays $89 Million to Settle Overtime Suits
UBS announced it had agreed to pay $89 million to settle class-action wage and hours claims of reps filed this past summer in several federal courts. Smiliar lawsuits have been filed against Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Wachovia and Ryan Beck, and came on the heels of Merrill's settlement of similar claims.

Merrill Brokers to Get Less Money Now, More LateróIf They Stay
Merrill Lynch has changed the way it pays its brokers to include more deferred compensation and less cash. The new package rewards brokers who stay a long time, while penalizing those that donít. Its aim is reducing turnover, but may also improve the firmís earnings.

Compliance Officer Wins Attorneys Fees from SEC
Compliant not "substantially justified, ALJ orders SEC to pay attorneys fees.

News Sites


SEC News Digest

Online Publications

SEC Opinions
Opinions issued by the Commission on appeal of Initial Decisions or disciplinary decisions issued by self-regulatory organizations (e.g., NYSE or NASD).

Practice Topic

CFTC Enforcement Orders and Adjudicatory Orders
Full text of recent CFTC complaints and orders

Trade Secret Law
Attorney Mark Hallign's Trade Secret Law home page.

Advertising Law
Attorney Lew Rose's Advertising Law Home Page.

Technology Law
Jeff Kuester's Technology Law Resource - "This continually updated website is intended to be the most comprehensive resource available on the Internet for information related to technology law, especially including intellectual property law (patent, copyright, and trademark law."

Patent Law
The Patent Law Web Server from Oppedahl & Larson.


ADR Currents-The Newsletter of Dispute Resolution Law and Practice
From the American Arbitration Association - "This newsletter for the legal community tracks and explores the news and issues in all areas of ADR practice, sharing the perspectives of advocates, neutrals, judges, legislators and others. ADR Currents also includes digests of court decisions and a report on new programs and issues of interest to the courts. The "Lawyers' Letter" feature treats key legal issues in depth.

Dispute Resolution Journal Online
Articles of Interest on Mediation and Arbitration, from the AAA.

Arbitration and ADR News
From LJX, a collection of articles relating to arbitration

The New York Law Journal
The Legal Newspaper for New York State

Net Watchers Magazine
Great online magazine about the law, technology and the Internet.

Federal Communications Law Journal
From the Indiana University School of Law, "The Journal publishes three issues per year, including articles, student notes, commentaries, and book reviews examining a wide range of U.S. and international communications and information issues, including telecommunications, the First Amendment, broadcasting, telephony, computers, intellectual property, communications and information policymaking, and related fields.

Technology Law Review
An online law review, concentrating on issues relating to technology law.

Corporate Law News
from Law Journal EXTRA!

Business Law Today
The ABA section news magazine for business lawyers. Includes full-text of articles from recent issues.

ADR In Trademark & Unfair Competition Disputes
Publication by the International Trademark Association

Federal Practice News
From Law Journal EXTRA!

Arbitration and Case Evaluation
By Atlanta Commercial Mediation

How to Use Small Claims Court
From Lawguru.com

Money Laundering Alert
A monthly publication reporting on money laundering. Bankers around the world are other companies dealing in international finance are advised to be well informed in complying with the requirements of the U.S. laws and the laws of other countries related to money laundering.

Recent Court Decisions

Matter of Alpha Bytes Computer Corp. v. Slaton, Sup.Ct., New York Co., NYLJ 5/1/98, Justice York.
Punitive damages award is upheld. "If the parties to an arbitration contract agree to refer punitive damages claims to the arbitrator, the FAA ensures that their agreement will be enforced according to its terms even if a rule of state law would otherwise exclude such claims from arbitration."

Matter of D.H. Blair & Co. v. Massimi, Sup.Ct., New York Co., NYLJ 4/9/98, Justice Bransten
Arbitration not stayed for brokerage facing criminal inquiry

Prudential Securities Incorporated v. Brigianos, 1st Dept 9/30/97 (NYLJ 10/2/97)
Arbitration subpoena served on non-party held to violate his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and is quashed. By Sullivan, J.P.; Nardelli, Williams and Tom, JJ.

Related Sites

The 10b- 5 Daily
News and events related to securities class action litigation. Containing all facts, with particularity, and an occasional dose of commentary.

U.S. Treasury Department
Home of the Secret Service.

The Securities Law Home Page
Securities Law, regulation of stock and commodities brokers, arbitration and other securities law related resources. Consistently voted best of the Web by every law related survey.

JAMS/Endispute Commercial Arbitration Rules
From JAMS, the rules and procedures for most commercial arbitrations

JAMS/Endispute Arbitration Rules for Employment Cases
From JAMS, a private dispute resolution service, the rules for use in employment cases

American Arbitration Association
"With 35 offices nationwide and cooperative agreements with arbitral institutions in 50 other nations, the American Arbitration Association is the largest full-service provider of dispute resolution services and cutting edge educational programs in the world dedicated to the resolution of disputes through the use of mediation, arbitration, elections and other out-of-court settlement procedures. The Association provides a forum for the hearing of disputes, tested rules and procedures, and a roster of impartial experts of the highest caliber to hear and resolve cases."

Employment ADR Synopsis
An overview as well as the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration and mediation of employment disputes.

International Trade Arbitration Documents
UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration

Profiles of New York County Judges
From the New York Law Journal, complete background information on sitting judges, including past employment, professional affiliations, likes and dislikes and significant decisions. A must read for the New York litigators.

The New York Law Journal
An excellent resource for the New York practitioner. The web site is almost a complete online version of the print newspaper, with additional features, such as calendars, judicial profiles, decisions of interest.

Law Related Web Search Engines
Mega Listings of Legal Resources and Search Engines from the Georgia State University College of Law.

Internet Legal Resource Guide
One of the more complete and updates guides to online legal resources, from the University of Texas.

Timeslips Corporation
Timeslips, the time and billing software company with the product of the same name is online.

Computer Law Association
This was a brand new site on October 19, 1995, with very little content, but it looks very promising.

New York State Trial Lawyers Association
"Founded in 1953, NYSTLA is New York's largest statewide Bar Association dedicated to the representation of the consumers of New York and preservation of the Civil Justice system. Comprised of 4,500 members throughout the state, NYSTLA and its affiliate organizations offer a variety of services and benefits to the bench and bar."

CourtTV Home Page
Truly one of the best law related sites on the web, in terms of style, presentation, and most importantly, content.

Congressional E-Mail Addresses
Updated list of email addresses for Senators and Representatives.

Cornell Law School
One of the most active law schools on the Internet, providing much of the text to statutes, rules, decisions and regulations that are in use at various web sites, through the Legal Information Institute. A valuable source of information.

GAMA Forms
from the Global Arbitration Mediation Association, Inc.; contains GAMA forms and other business and legal forms

Suffolk County Bar Ass'n

CRCSE Contracts Library
"The library includes contracts covering a wide range of transactions and companies. Almost all of the contracts in the library were collected from disclosure filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the EDGAR Database. Thus, the library is limited almost exclusively to contracts including publicly traded firms. The CRCSE Contracts Library allows you to conduct full-text searches over the contracts in the collection.

New York State Law Collection
The New York State Constitution, Court of Appeals decisions, and specific statutes and regulations of interest in the State.

Uniform Laws Dealing with Business and Finance
Uniform Laws are the models from which specific states and regulators draft their own laws. From Cornell University, a collection of all of the uniform laws that are available on the web.

New York State Bar Ass'n
The New York State Bar Association

Nassau County Bar Association

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
"A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information." If you are looking for information about current developments in telecommunications law, this is the

The Center for Democracy and Technology
"The Center For Democracy and Technology is a non-profit public interest organization based in Washington DC. The Center's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer an

The Center for Corporate Law
University of Cincinnati College of Law - contains electronic data that will assist lawyers in the practice of corporate and securities law.

Securities Regulation Outlines
from The 'Lectric Law Library

ABA Section of Dispute Resolution
The American Bar Association is the nation's largest attorney organization. Their ADR Section's site has some excellent general articles on ADR.

American Bar Association
"The American Bar Association, with approximately 370,000 members, is the world's largest voluntary professional association."

Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
The Stanford Clearinghouse offers the full text of complaints, motions, judicial opinions, and other major class action filings into a Website with its own full-text search engine.

Mediation Information and Resource Center
Includes articles and forums and mediator database.

Internet Guide for Registered Representatives
NASD Regulation, Inc., has developed this Web Page to make registered representatives (RRs) aware of the compliance requirements and potential liabilities when using the Internet.

Legal Information Institute
From Cornell University, an excellent collection of federal caselaw and statutes

PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities Litigation Site
From the accounting giant, materials related to the accounting/consulting side of securities litigation.

Blue Sky Law Net
list for discussion of all aspects of state securities regulation ;membership includes lawyers, state securities regulators, and academics; is moderated) Send the following message to subscribe bluesky

Home page for the NASDAQ stock exchange. Get general market stats for NASDAQ as well as other related info. Quite useful.

Securities Laws, Rules and Regulations
The Complete Online Guide to the law, rules, court decisions and statutes that comprise the Securities Laws of the United States.

State Courts

New Jersey State Courts Homepage
The State's complete link to all that is legal in New Jersey

US State Law Collection
Complete index of the laws of the various states, to the extent that they are on the Internet

New York Court of Appeals Decisions
From Cornell University, a searchable database of the decisions of New York's highest court.

New Jersey Judiciary Homepage

Statutes, Rules and Regulations

NYSE Arbitration Rules
The full text of the Code of Arbitration Procedure from the New York Stock Exchange

International Court of Arbitration
The world's leading international organization for the arbitration of commercial disputes.

Ethics and Standards for Arbitrators and Mediators
The Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes was prepared in 1977 by a joint committee consisting of a special committee of the American Arbitration Association and a special committee of the American Bar Association.

Uniform Arbitration Act
The text of the Uniform Arbitration Act. This is the model Act, used as the basis for the drafting of state statutes relating to arbitration.

Commercial Arbitration Rules
From the American Arbitration Association, the rules, the procedures and more

NASD Code of Arbitration Procedure
From the NASD web site, the full text of the Code.

Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
The legislation which overhauled the regulation of commodities futures in the United States

Commodity Exchange Act
The Commodity Exchange Act, which governs commodities futures transactions, registration of commodities professionals, exchanges, etc.

Rules and Regulations under the Commodity Exchange Act#
The rules created by the Commodity Futures and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Commodities Exchange Act

Commodities Related Bills in Congress
Is Congress proposing any changes to the Commodities Laws? Run a search of all pending and proposed bills relating to commodities and find out!

Supreme Court Decisions and Briefs
This is an ftp site of Supreme Court decisions and briefs. It is not searchable, but if you know what you are looking for, it is quick.

The Federal Register
Excerpts of the Federal Register from the House of Representatives.

U.S. Tax Code
The full, searchable, text of the United States Tax Code.

Uniform Commercial Code
The full text of the UCC, in searchable form.

Code of Federal Regulations
The Full Code of Federal Regulations. This site is not searchable, but the Code is broken down into various sections to make it a bit easier to find what you are looking for.

The United States Constitution and Other Historical Documents
This gopher site contains the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other documents of historical importance to the United States.

United States Code
From Cornell University. Not yet fully searchable, but it is broken down by title, and each title can be searched. The actual text of each code section is hyperlinked to other sections, so, if a statute refers to another statute, you can jump to the cited statute. Great for reading the Securities Acts, or even the IRS Code!

1995 Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
The complete text.

New Jersey Rules of Evidence
From New Jersey Law Network, the rules of evidence for the Garden State

New Jersey Court Rules
The New Jersey Court Rules, with full text search

Local Civil Rules for SDNY and EDNY
The Civil Rules for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York

Local Criminal Rules for SDNY and EDNY
The Local Criminal Rules for the Southern and Eastern District of New York

New York's Civil Practice Law and Rules
This Gopher site contains the full text, by section of the CPLR. Because it is a gopher cite it is not searchable, but if you know the section or rule number that you are looking for, you can download the text of the section or rule.

Model Civil Jury Instructions
From the Eighth Circuit, a complete set of Model Jury Instructions, in ASCII text.

The Federal Rules of Evidence
Also from Cornell University, this hypertext version of the FRE has a full text search capability.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
From Cornell University, a hypertext version of the FRCP.

Commercial Mediation Rules
From the American Arbitration Association, the AAA rules governing mediation of commercial rules.

Code of Ethics for Mediators
The ethics codes for mediators, from Lex Mundi.

Investment Company Act
The full text of the Investment Company Act, which governs the creation and operation of mutual funds.

New York Stock Exchange Hearing Board Procedures
From start to finish, the procedures for conducting disciplinary proceedings at the NYSE

NYSE Rules and Regulations
From the NYSE, portions of the rules of the Exchange. The online version was incomplete the last time we checked.

Types of SEC Filings
From the Commission itself, a description of the different types of corporate filings.

NASD Regulation Disciplinary Process
The Rules changed for enforcement proceedings. Here are the new rules and procedures.

Forms for Use Under the Investment adviser's Act of 1940
A complete list of all of the forms that are approved for use under the Investment adviser's Act of 1940

Regulation S-T, General Rules and Regulations for Electronic Filings
The complete text of Regulation S-T, for electronic filings, including EDGAR.

Investment adviser's Act of 1940
The statute which governs the operation of Investment advisers.

Rules and Regulations Under the Investment adviser's Act of 1940
The complete text, from the Federal Register, of the rules and regulations which govern the operation of Registered Investment advisers who are registered with the SEC.

National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996

Public Utilities Holding Company Act

Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970
Governs the operation of SIPC, and related activities.

Forms promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933
From the SEC, outlines of the forms and instructions for filing them. Not for use by a novice, but provides good background material.

Investment adviser's Act
The statute which governs the operation of Investment advisers.

Forms promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933
From the SEC, outlines of the forms and instructions for filing them. Not for use by a novice, but provides good background material.

Rules promulgated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
The text of the rules promulgated under the '34 Act.

Rules promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933
The Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, pursuant to the '33 Act.

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934
The full text of the 1934 Act, which primarily governs the purchase and sale of securities, securities brokerage firms and securities exchanges.

The Securities Act of 1933
The full text of the Securities Act of 1933, which primarily governs the registration of securities.

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Securities Laws, Rules and Regulations

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