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Sources of Financial and Business News

Reuters Business Summary CNNfn Barron's Financial World Wall Street Journal
SEC News Digest
Mutual Funds Magazine

Quotes, Prices and Financial Data

Quick Quotes from Money Magazine

This site allows multiple quotes in one search request, and also returns fundamental data for each security. This service is free, with no registration requirements.

Stock Quotes from USA TODAY

Amazing use of Java to present charts and other stock information. With a fast connection, you won't need your own charting program any longer!

Historical Stock Data and Web Sites
From The Syndicate, a complete listing of sites for historical data.

Security APL Market Watch
Various market indicators, updated every three minutes during the trading day.

Holtz Current Market Report
Complete Market update for the day, updated at the close.

Stock Market Charts
Charts of most securities and mutual funds, as of the prior day.

Mutual Fund Listings
Complete collection of mutual fund information, including addresses of fund sponsors, organized by name.

Quote.Com is a service providing financial market data including current quotes on stocks, options, commodity futures, mutual funds, and bonds as well as business news, market analysis and commentary, fundamental data, and company profiles.

Corporate Finance Resources

Complete source of information about corporate finance, including original articles about public offerings, sources of funding, and much more.

CEO Resource
"CEO RESOURCE is specifically designed to give you, the CEO, business owner or entrepreneur, a peer level resource that you can call on to help you fight those daily dragons that come from running a company -- a resource that will help you also focus on the bigger picture -- on realistic goals for both you and your company."

Wall Street Net
"The pipeline to deals, dollars and doers! Designed specifically for issuers and investment banks. Wall Street NetTM brings you the very latest on what's happening in the world of corporate debt and equity financings, as well as archival data, including SEC filings and prospectuses on transactions over the past twelve months. In other words, we've got it all -- all you've got to do is hang ten on your keyboard!"

M&A Marketplace
Web site for buyers and sellers of businesses and financial intermediaries involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate finance.

Investment Dictionary
From Fidelity Investments, a complete guide to investment terms.

Wall Street Rolodex
More names, addresses, phone numbers and links than you can shake a share certificate at.

Zweifler Financial Research
Appraisal and Valuation Professionals.

Government Sponsored Financial Sites

The Securities and Exchange Commission
The SEC is now online, with quite a bit of material, including full text copies of the SEC Digest, text of speeches, position papers and other documents.

The SEC's EDGAR Database
The EDGAR database is the electronic filing system for disclosure documents of public companies. This link will take you to the main page of the database. Be sure to read the introductory material before delving into the system.

EDGAR 13D Acquisition Report
Form 13D is required to be filed by certain shareholders of a public company when they increase or modify their holdings in the company. This database is searchable by company, and in relevant time frames, and is part of the EDGAR database.

Guide To SEC Forms
Complete listing of all forms that are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a brief description of their purpose, where they are maintained, and how, and which department of the SEC is responsible for review and oversight of the filings.

U.S. Treasury Department
Home of the Secret Service.

Stock and Commodity Exchanges

Individual Investor Resources

Security APL (PAWWS)
"Welcome to the PAWWS Financial Network, the comprehensive Internet investment resource. Featuring integrated portfolio accounting, securities and market research tools, real-time quotations, and on-line trading..."
"NETworth provides you, the individual investor, with the knowledge to make your own investment decisions. Follow mutual funds or equities and access background information all in one convenient location."
MarketInfo Financial Advisory Services
"MarketInfo provides single access to up-to-the-minute investment information from some of the World's top financial analysts with over 55 updates per day!"
"The leading source of immediate news from corporations worldwide for media, business, the financial community, and the individual investor."
Free personal finance calculation programs, current interest rate quotes, advisory reports, and other features of interest to personal investors.

Investment Related Resources

The Securities Law Home Page-Securities Law, regulation of stock and commodities brokers, arbitration and other securities law related resources. The Syndicate-Explanations of market terms, information about various investment vehicles, IPOs, historic price quotes and much more.
The Small Cap Investor -The Unofficial Directory of Nasdaq(R) SmallCap Stocks on the Web C. C. Rich Professional Services, Inc.-Complete EDGAR resource, for investors and professionals.
Quicken Home Page-Information about Quicken, new products, tech support, etc. Your Company-a great publication for the small business owner.
The Insider: Public Companies-Complete listing of all public companies that have Web Sites. Investment Brokerage Guide-General Information about Investing.

Misc.Invest FTP Site-Great collection of files, including explanations of basic concepts, market termnology and investing principles. Also contains historical stock, options, and futures data, software, and spreadsheets.
Recommendations Update-"Recommendations Update is a newsletter providing bi-weekly updates on stock recommendations by major brokerage firms."
NETworth Investment Information Center-Information about the Market. Home of the Morningstar Internet Information Center. Investment FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions about Investing and the Markets, from the misc.invest newsgroup.

QuickQuote Life Insurance & Annuities
Welcome to QuickQuote, your guide to America's best life insurance and annuity rates. QuickQuote compares hundreds of America's top life insurance companies and annuity companies and gives you free instant quotes of the five best rates in America.
Traders' Glossary
Definations and explanations of the language of technical and fundamental analysis.

Mortgage Payment Information
Figure out your payments, balances, and more.

Dividend Re-Investment Programs-Information about registering, benefits, of DRIPs.

SCI and FICS Code Locator-If you need to know a company's industry code...
The Public Securities Association - The bond market's trade association Inc. Online - The Web Site for growing companies
SIA-the Securities Industry Association is the financial industry's organization and representative on many legal and economic issues
Zacks Investment Research Master Page
MoneyLine-This site claims to be "The Definitive Bonds & Other Fixed Income Web Source"
The SmallCap Investor

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