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Welcome to the Securities Law Home Page. 

This Web Site is designed to provide information to the Internet community regarding the law as it relates to the United States financial markets, and those who participate in those markets - stock brokers and investors. 

This site was created to assist investors and financial professionals in understanding their rights, duties and obligations, to each other, and to the markets, under the laws of the most highly regulated industry in the country. At the same time, we are attempting to provide a comprehensive, one-stop source of securities and commodities law information to the legal and academic community. 

 The Securities Law Home Page is organized into five "Information Centers" - Arbitration, Brokers, Investors, Corporate Finance, and Securities Law and Compliance

Each Information Center has articles and links of relevance to the particular topic. Each Information Center also has its own Index and Archive, which contains a listing of all documents that are available in the Information Center. Additionally, there is a search function available at each Information Center which will search the entire site by concept, or keyword. 

This site was created  by Mark J. Astarita, a New York securities attorney and a partner in the law firm of Beam & Astarita, LLC . The genesis of this site springs from Mr. Astarita's intense interest in computers, the Internet, and the Web. Mr. Astarita has been a securities attorney for 18 years, a cybercitizen for 14, and was a Sysop of a private bulletin board system for 5 years. This Web site brings all of Mr. Astarita's interests together, in one place, and hopefully will be of some benefit and use to you. 

Since the creation of this site in July, 1995, thousands of individuals from all over the world, from brokers, to investors, to university professors, to lawyers and law students, have visited the site, and provided comments and suggestions, which have resulted in many revisions and improvements to the site. 

We hope that the Internet community will continue to provide feedback on the site, and the information provided here, so that we can continue to improve the site. 

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