Brokers Can Win Promissory Note Cases

We all know that defending promissory note cases for brokers is difficult. After all, those notes have been written, revised, rehashed and reworked by brokerage firm attorneys for years.As I have noted in the past, and in my near daily telephone consultations with brokers with promissory note issues, this does […]

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Typical Customer Arbitration Claims

There are thousands of complaints filed every year, and they fall into categories. UPDATED FEBRUARY 2, 2017. The trial of customer arbitration claims is a large part of my legal practice. I have been representing customers and brokers in securities arbitration matters since 1982. In those 35 years, I have […]

Avoiding Customer Disputes

You can take steps to avoid being sued by your customers. By Mark J. Astarita, Esq. Introduction Since the United States Supreme Court Decision in MacMahon v. Shearson American Express, arbitration has been the preferred method of resolving customer disputes. In fact, today nearly every brokerage firm in the country […]

FINRA Arbitration Forms

Scheduling Order (PDF format 86 KB) The panel Chairperson has the responsibility to use the Scheduling Order to record the agreements reached during the Initial Prehearing Conference. The Chairperson should submit the Scheduling Order to NASD Dispute Resolution within 48 hours of the conference by electronic mail or facsimile transmission. […]

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Securities Arbitration Forums

The arbitration department of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is the site for virtually all of the securities arbitrations that are conducted in the United States. Arbitrations are also conducted at private firms, such as the American Arbitration Association and JAMS. The ability to utilize the arbitration process is granted […]

Arbitrator Code of Ethics Revamped

ABA and AAA Task Force Provide Working Draft of New Ethics Code This four-year effort by a joint task force of the American Bar Association and the American Arbitration Association has now produced a working draft that will cover both domestic and international arbitrations. According to an article on […]

Eligibility of Old Claims – Who Decides?

PLEASE NOTE: THE LAW IS AREA HAS CHANGED. WE PRESENT THIS ARTICLE FOR HISTORIC PURPOSES. RETAIN A SECURITIES ATTORNEY TO PROPERLY ADVISE YOU ON ELIGIBILITY ISSUES. Introduction While nearly every brokerage firm customer has an arbitration agreement with his brokerage firm to arbitrate his disputes, a significant issue of law […]