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Touting Stocks is Illegal

Internet Promoters Enjoined by SEC The SEC has been pursuing those who illegally tout stocks on the Internet for over 20 years, but the conduct continues. The typical case ends in a series of fines, and the entry of a seclaw.com/glossary/permanent-injunction/” data-gt-translate-attributes='[{“attribute”:”data-cmtooltip”, “format”:”html”}]’>permanent injunction against the promoter who failed to follow the […]

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Promoter Settles SEC Anti-Touting Action

By Mark J. Astarita, Esq. SEC FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST HOUSTON INTERNET seclaw.com/glossary/stock/” data-gt-translate-attributes='[{“attribute”:”data-cmtooltip”, “format”:”html”}]’>STOCK PROMOTION FIRM On August 18, 2000, the SEC announced that it filed a civil complaint against an Internet company and its owners, alleging that the company distributed press releases and other communications via the Internet touting numerous OTC […]