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Selling Away Claimants can compel arbitration

Vestax Securities Corporation vs. McWood, No. 00-1936 (6th Cir., 2/14/02) Agreement to Arbitrate * Arbitration Agreement (SRO Requirement) * Scope of Agreement * Selling Away * SRO Rules * Statutory Definitions (“Customer”) * SRO Rules (NASD Rule 10301). Investors who purchased securities through a broker-dealer’s agents are “customers,” for purposes […]

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Make Mandatory Arbitration Unenforceable

Commentary from T. Sheridan O’Keefe I have something in common with Stephen Sawtelle — a former broker from Waddell & Reed who was just awarded almost $28 million from an NASD arbitration panel (see the front page story in The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 29, 2001). You see, we both […]