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Regulation FD FAQ

SEC</div><div class=glossaryItemBody>The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is the federal agency charged with the regulation and oversight of the securities markets, public companies and securities professionals.(…)</div>” href=”https://www.seclaw.com/glossary/sec/” data-gt-translate-attributes='[{“attribute”:”data-cmtooltip”, “format”:”html”}]’>SEC FAQ on REG FD By Mark J. Astarita, Esq. The SEC Staff has supplemented its Telephone Interpretations Manual to include some frequently asked questions about the Commission’s new Regulation FD. The update is available at the SEC website, at http://www.sec.gov/offices/corpfin/phonits4.htm Regulation FD was adopted by the Commission on August […]


SEC Regulation FD

SEC Approves Regulation FD On August 10, 2000 the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new rule that would end the practice of selective disclosure, whereby officials of public companies provide important information to Wall Street insiders prior to making the information available to the general public. The Commission also […]